Alipore Zoo, Kolkata

    The most popular and crowed palce of kolkata is Alipore zoo. Now days alipore zoo much better then old days. Its makeover with a new looking glass cover wall.  It is a home of many kind of animal on all over the world. A big collection of various animal and spices make its largest.


    For building this alipore zoo 1st three chance were gone failed. After failed three attempt the govt. Of india set-up a Zoological gardens on 1875.  After this incident on the same year get this place beside the alipore road. This land approval passed by  the Lt. Governor General of Bengal on 24th September, 1875. After build this 1st step on December mr. Carl louis schwendler donate her all money for this zoo. Also donate many outher pious man of Bengal like maharaja of Mysore krishna raja wadiyar four, and also Mymensingh king Suryakanta Acharya, all of these man is memorable for the Alipore zoo. 

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    One of the all men in this list Ram Bramha Sanyal, was a very helpful person. He was the first Superintendent of this zoo. He wrote a book on "A Handbook of the Management of Wild Animals in Captivity in Lower Bengal" in the year 1892. He took all animal care, also he want to know animal nature. His observation is the top listed care in the zoo history.

Alipore Zoo

      Alipore zoo located at kolkata location. One of the largest zoo of india is alipore zoo. Alipore zoo established on 1876 on 1st may. Alipore zoo basically known as kolkata zoo. It is a historical place of india, because it's made on british india period of india. This zoo spread on 46.5 acres total area. It is a popular tourist place of kolkata. Its actual location is Alipore road, no-2 , kolkata - 700027, West Bengal, india.

      Total visitors of an anum 3M (assumed).  It is the most visited Tourist place of kolkata. Almost 3m visitors visit this zoo on year 2016 . Most visited time to this zoo is winter season. And most popular day on alipore zoo in a year on 25 dec and 1st january.


    The alipore zoo popular for its type of many animal, species, Birds etc . Most attractive is Royal bengal tiger, Asiatic lions, African lions, jagua6, one horned rinoceros, Hippocampus, Reticulated Giraffe, Indian Elephant, Emu fallow dear, indian muntjac, grants zebra, Indian mouse deer, hog deer, Hanuman Langur, Bangtrng, Himalayan black bear, Nilgai, etc.


    Not only Big animal listed here also world's most beautiful Birds in this collection like Macaws, Conures, Lories and lorikeets, Touracos, Hornbills, Golden Pheasant, Swinhoe pheasant, Ostrich, Osprey, Painted strok, Open bill stork, Hill Mayana, Quaker parakeet, Ted vented bulbul, Red wattled lapwing, cockatiel. Grey parrot, Lady amherst pheasant, Mandarin duck, Koel,  Pariah Kite, India peafowl  etc.  A larger collection of Birds you can shows here. Also you can see most bug Tortoise Adwaita. Total amount of animal on alipore zoo is 1270 and almost total species 110 .


     Here large amount of Reptiles is available like Gharial, Mugger, Salt water Crocodile, King cobra, India Python, Ratsnake, Marsh Crocodile, Yellow Anaconda etc.

Opening Time
      Alipore zoo open at 9am to 5 pm without Thursday. If you want visit alipore zoo total surrounding then you have take upto 4 hours. The Alipore zoo remains open on all seven days between the 15th December and 31st January.

     For entry fees on alipore zoo is Students Under 5 years is 10 Rupees, and for Adults 25 Rupees. Camera shots free, Aquarium ticket: INR 5 ,Video permission: INR 250 per hour.



     You can visit the Alipore Zoo in all year around. However  the most favoured time to visit this zoo  gardens is during the winter months between December to February. 

       The Alipore Zoo is located on the Alipore Road that located at Belvedre from Zerrut Bridge.

Metro Station - NetajiBhavan.
By Bus - Bus Station is Ekbalpur.
The zoo is located at a short distance from both the metro station and Ekbalpur bus station. You can  hire a taxi to reach the zoo which is at a distance of around 2 km from Railway or Bus stand places. Or you can book a cab one can book a cab like ola or uber.

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