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Lonavela, Lonavala Hotel, Lonavala Weather, Best Time to Visit In Lonavala.

Lonavela / Lonavala


The name Lonavla has its underlying foundations in the Sanskrit words Len and Avali - which implies a stone-cut resting place, and arrangement, individually. Henceforth Lonavli fundamentally means mean a place which has a progression of these cut stone resting places. Arranged in the Sahyadri scope of the Western Ghats, at a height of 624 m above ocean level, Lonavala is one of the twin slope stations-Lonavala and Khandala. A previous piece of the Yadava tradition and a vital purpose of the Peshwa Empire, Lonavala is a quiet observer to the previous history of the Maratha Empire, obvious from the fortifications in the area. Encompassed by lavish green woodlands wealthy in vegetation, Lonavala is the most visited slope station in Maharashtra and a mainstream goal for outdoors, trekking and other experience sports. Dissipated with caverns of archeological significance, Lonavala holds a few riddles which makes certain to touch off the adventurer in each and everybody visiting the place.

As Tourist Place  Lonavela


    Lonavala, being a piece of the Sahyadri slopes, offers an appealing and beguiling experience of nature's most talented area. Encompassed by thick woodlands, cascades, dam close by lakes, Lonavala is an absolute necessity visit on the off chance that you appreciate nature and need an entryway to having a deep end of the week or a decent excursion. Likewise, visit Khandala and Rajmachi while in transit to Lonavala. The tourist goal has numerous attractions to its name, Bhaja caverns, Bushi dam, Karla caverns, Rajmachi stronghold, Ryewood lake, among others. Mainstream slope station near Pune and Mumbai, Lonavla is the place to be during storms. With heaps of cascades, lakes and slopes around, Lonavala is frequented by a wide range of individuals, particularly explorers and trekkers.

Lonavala Hotel


     Being a mainstream tourist goal, Lonavala is spread out with various caf├ęs offering different alternatives. Other than these, it offers various invigorating, zesty and delectable nearby fortunes. One should attempt the hot Masala Chai with fiery Vada Pav (from Golden Wada Pav) and Bhajiyas in Lonavala. The chola bhaturas at Rudra, the spread chicken of Rama Krishna, and Cooper's fudge are well known top picks.

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 Inn Sainath gives the renowned Maharashtrian usal, made out of curried grew lentils and beans. Manashakti is the ideal decision for a customary veggie lover Maharashtrian thali. Likewise make a point to test a portion of the sweet chikkis, pedas and different savories from Maganlal and Sons. Additionally, attempt the immaculate and cool Coconut Water. Make certain to buy some Chikki and fudges to reclaim to your loved ones back home.

Lonavala Weather


      Lonavala locate in the region of Pune and is around 96 kilometers from Mumbai and 64 kilometers from Pune City. This slope station, spread crosswise over an inexact zone of 38 sq km, is prevalently called the gem of the Lonavela  around 622 meters above the ocean level. It is generally celebrated for its chikki, a hard treat sweet famous in India. In spite of the fact that Lonavala has lovely all year atmosphere, it is ideal to visit during October to May. Summer in Lonavala is commonly mellow and keeps going from April to mid-June with temperatures fluctuating from at least 16° to 18° Celsius to a limit of 34° Celsius. This slope station is incredibly wonderful in any event, during summer inferable from the intermittent showers and consistent mountain breeze that chill off the spot. Light cotton garments are perfect for summer in Lonavala. The storm season at Lonavala is from Mid June to September. During this time, the slope station gets substantial south-western storm downpours and a normal yearly precipitation of 450 cm. The most elevated precipitation happens during the long stretches of June and July. The storm season makes the spot wake up. Winter at Lonavala is from November to mid March. The weather is a lot cooler however not cold and temperatures go from at least 12° Celsius and goes up to a limit of 33° Celsius. The days throughout the winter season are warm and lovely while the night encounters a slight drop in temperature. Lonavala is a mainstream place of interest during the merry periods of Christmas and New Year. Light woolens are adequate throughout the winter time frame. The best time to visit Lonavala is between the long periods of October to May when the atmosphere is lovely. If you came to lonavela for visit then you can any time and also Cheek local weather of Lonavela.

Day planning

      For lonavela visit you have only 3 days Time to take all Lonavala Tourist place visit. You can divide your total Tourist time plans in three days part like --

Day 1 - Let the design of Karla caverns and Bhaja caverns leave you in wonder. Supplicate at the Ek Vira Devi Temple and have a ton of fun at Bushi Dam. Continue towards Tiger's point and Lion's point toward the evening and let your eyes cheer the all encompassing perspective on the valley.

Day 2 - Take a full breath at Duke's nose early morning and investigate the Rajmachi Fort later in the day. Continue to Lohagad post-lunch and witness the quality of the Lohagad Fort.

Day 3 - Enjoy a morning stroll along Tungarli Lake. Visit Sunil Kandaloor's wax exhibition hall. Unwind in the midst of blooms in the Ryewood Park toward the evening and dive into some chikki and fudge at Lonavala Bazaar.

A Visitor Review of Lonavela

      Me and my significant other visited Lonavala in the long stretch of Oct 2017 from Pune. It took us around 1 hour to arrive at the base market of Lonavala via vehicle. There are two or three places you can visit in Lonavala for touring, for example, Lion's point, Tiger point, and Bhushi Dam. Every one of them are on a similar course when from the base market. Put Lion's point on Google Maps and push forward. Bhushi dam will start things out to your left side, at that point Lion's point and finally it will be Tiger point. We didn't visit Tiger point as it was incredibly foggy that day and perceivability was exceptionally less. In this way, there was no point going further from Lion's point. Midsection's direct comes toward your privilege after Bhushi dam on a similar course. You will see a major stopping and couple of aides hanging tight for you to help. Stopping charges were 50 rupees when we visited. Pay and enter the region. You will see various little eating joints all around that stopping zone. So having nourishment isn't an issue. Recall a certain something, do request the cost before you gobble else you may wind up paying extra. On the off chance that you are visiting from Pune, at that point there is no point remaining in Lonavala. In any case, there are a lot of inns which are great and sensible as well. You can without much of a stretch make a determination in the wake of arranging. Have an incredible visit and remain.

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