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How to undo hide in Facebook timeline ? Best Short cut way for Unhide your Facebook post

     Every misstake of human can be a very harmful for the future. Like facebook and its updated be as same. We are all now days busy on Facebook. And we post any kimd of emotions to the Facebook. But some time we are very sorrow for our timeline post on Facebook. 

     If you done and kind of misstake to the Facebook post or Facebook timeline post then you need to hide that or delete. But incident that sometimes we need that as back on oue posts or timeline to the Facebook. Only for this reason we need two options - learn how to hide any kind of Facebook post and also learn how to unhide a post on Facebook. 

     Only for the hide and unhide the Facebook post / timeline post here has many kind of questions. But all these questions have a same answer, just follow my opinion for hide and unhide any kind of Facebook post. 

    At first here the all questions about this topic !:)

  • How to unhide a post on Facebook ?   πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  • How to undo hide in Facebook timeline ? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  • Hot to hide my Facebook post ? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

     But guys all these questions meaning is same and also there answers will be same :))

    You can solve your problem with two methods one is From Desktop and two is from Facebook Mobile application. I now going to show first Desktop methode !!

  • Step - 1    :    Log into your Facebook account and click on your profile name, for visit to your Timeline page. 

  • Step - 2   :  Now click on the "Activity Log"  button. It is located in the Bottom-right corner of your Cover Photo.

  • Step - 3    :      Here you Click the Hidden From Timeline link over the left hand column. 

  • Step - 4    :    Now find that post you want to Unhide and Click the icon over on the far right  side of that line. It will visible like a small circle with a slanted line through it. 

  • Step - 5    :    Here click Allowed on Timeline, that is all there is to it. Now your your old ( that's you want to unhide) post now will be unhide.  It's now should no longer be hidden.

How to unhide my facebook post from Mobile ?

      I mind that your problem is now fix, yes! Am i rigjt ? Welcome for your thanks. But now step two for whom those no has desktop, so step two will be Mobile Facebook Application Method !!

  • Step - 1  :  as previously Log into your Facebook account and tap on your Profile picture to visit your fb timeline. 

  • Step - 2  :  Now Tap on the Activity Log Button.

  • Step - 3  :  Here Tap on the Category Button.

  • Step - 4  :  Now scroll down all sub menu and tap  - Hidden From Timeline.

  • Step - 5  :  Now tap the Down Arrow button Beside the post that you want to Unhide from yor timeline / post. Then show on Timeline. Now same as desktop, Your post / timeline post visible on the Facebook. Your hidden post no longer be hidden :)). 

         Yeh ! Done also you must be done :) 😁

How to undo hide in Facebook timeline ?

       But some time if it not properly work on you unhide or hide Facebook timeline / post then you can follow my this below method. My deep heart wish that you already unhide your Facebook post from timeline. But i know also this, if you wish to read then go with me thanks... :))

      If you hide any post on your timeline either by you or a post that you are tagged in . It also can be undone by navigating to your activity log. Now you follow me 

  • Simple click on your profile and then select the activity log Button then Hit Edit Profile Option.

  • Once you go to your Activity Log Here, follow the Hidden From Timeline option on the left corner.

  • Now you find that option, click on it and you will be Show Every post You have hidden from your Timeline.
         Choose one that you want to Unhide, and once you find it click on the action icon on its right and select the Allow on Timeline option. Now your post on the timeline appear / visible.

 ## Hey how was that! Nice yeh ! Then i can take a thanks from you... 

How to Hide My Facebook Post ?

      Still now we are busy with unhide any Facebook post. But a big question here for whom who are not know how to hide and post from Facebook ?  Hey I'm right now with this question !! Let's go for Hide any Facebook post :)

  • At first open your Facebook page and roll over the uper right corner and find the pencil icon πŸ–‹️ . 

  • Click on the pencil icon for open a drop down menu. 

  • Now click the  Hide from Timeline, for hide your post from Facebook Timeline.

        Now i am done all my options, it's your turn, if now want to Unhide then you have to go top of this page. :) 

Also you can read our Best knowledge :)

    Thank you Readers.. :)

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